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Real Students. Real Life.

Robin Wolfe has helped many students find success, personally and academically. See how great results can happen below (names have been changed for privacy)!


Nicole was nervous about the whole college admissions process. She was a good writer, but needed more guidance than she got from her school counselor. After working with Ms. Wolfe and being accepted to eight selective schools, Nicole wrote the following: "Without your patience and guidance, I would never have been accepted to all my college choices. You made it fun and enjoyable during the entire process. Thank you for all your help. I can’t wait to start GW in the fall." Love, Nicole


By 12th grade, Jose had many positive things going for him. He was captain of the Lacrosse team and made decent grades. Even though he had switched schools in his junior year, it didn't take him long to make new friends and get into "school stride." Jose had a C average in his previous school; he needed to bring up his GPA in order to get into his desired colleges.

After a few early rejections, Jose and his Mom decided to give the "old college try" one last "push." Even though it was late and only a month before deadlines at some Northern schools, Mom hired Ms. Wolfe to help Jose craft perfect applications with notable, mistake-free essays and supplementary statements. She also advised Jose to email the admissions office about his new semester grades and any positive, school-related news.

Jose needed to show the admissions officers that his grades had an upward trend, so Mom hired Robin Wolfe to help Jose develop strategies for thinking ahead, planning out school projects and when to study for exams. Ms. Wolfe also tutored Jose the night before exams to help keep the material fresh in his mind.

Today: Jose maintains an A- average, was admitted to two of his top choice colleges, and is on the waiting list for his number one school. Ms. Wolfe helped Jose with a statement about "Why he should be taken off the waiting list?" and., as of this writing, good news! Jose was admitted to Syracuse!


Jason had always done "OK" at Palmetto Senior High, but his parents were worried when it came time to apply to college. Even though he had consistent and substantial community service that showed persistence and perseverance, Jason performed poorly on SATs and was doing "so-so" in school - not well enough to get unto his first choice - The University of Florida.

WEC Solution: Ms. Wolfe had a hunch that Jason had an undiagnosed learning disability that was interfering with his ability to get good grades. She advised the parents to obtain a psychoeducational exam to determine any LD or ADD issues, as well as to enable Jason to get his much needed extended time on tests.

With quick action, the parents got extended time and tutoring for the SAT exam. Jason worked with Ms. Wolfe to develop a realistic list of schools and worked on applications and wrote stand out essays for six schools, to all of which he was admitted.

Jason is entering into University of Florida, Class of 2014.

WEC Motto: It's never too late!

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